Additional Insurance Services

Supplemental – We offer a variety of supplemental policies to cover you when your health policies do not, including:

Cancer plans with immediate cash benefits and customizing options;
Accident and Fracture Care with burn, dislocation and dismemberment categories;
Hospital Indemnity to help control the out-of-pocket expenditures during a hospital stay;
Limited Benefit Health Insurance which allows reimbursement for physicians, emergency room and diagnostic care; and
Critical Illness plans with immediate cash benefits associated with illnesses such as heart attack, stroke, organ failure, transplant and cancer.

Can you afford your deductible, out-of-pocket maximums, and all that your insurance policy won’t cover when you have a catastrophic event or illness strike your family?  Protect yourself now!

MASA (Medical Air Services Association) – MASA is the BEST pre-paid emergency transportation assistance in the world.  Plain and simple!  Through MASA, we offer life-saving emergency transportation assistance from home or while travelling, on or off the job.  We offer coverage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to protect our members against catastrophic financial loss.

Safe Harbor – We cover a wide variety of boats including fish and ski, pontoon, jet, cruisers and all personal watercraft.  Don’t drown in the event of a watercraft accident!

Retirement Plans – See more information on the retirement plans we offer here.